Week of 5/11/20-3M

3rd Math - Week of 5/11/20 - Mrs. Comes

CONGRATULATIONS to those of you that are caught up with ALL of your work and have it turned in!  This week is the last week of distance learning and once all of your assignments are finished and turned in, you will be DONE for the year and your summer will officially start!  WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!

Some of you still have assignments to finish and turn in but you have all of this week to work on them and turn them in by Friday, May 15th.  YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!

Be sure to say THANK YOU and give BIG HUGS to everyone that has helped you with your work during the last few weeks!

(Students with a failing grade after work has been turned in on 5/15 will be asked to come into school during the weeks of 5/18 and 5/26 at scheduled times.)

I am VERY proud of all of you!

THIS WEEK:  Finish 3rd Grade End of Year Math Review Packet (picked up on 5/4/20.)

If pages 1 - 3 (front) weren't completed last week as assigned, finish them in addition to this week's assignments:

-Page 1:  Geometry #1-4 and NBT #1-6

-Page 2:  NF #1- 6 and OA #1-6

-Page 3 (front):  OA #7-12

Monday:  Page 3 (back): - OA #13-16 and page 4 (front) - OA, 100 multiplication problems

Tuesday:  Page 4 (back):  OA, 100 division problems

Wednesday:  Page 5 (front and back):  MD #1-8

Thursday:  Page 6 (front and back):  MD #9-16

 The practice in this packet is important math content to know very well going into 4th grade!!!!!!!!!!!!!