Week of 5/11/20-2R

2nd Reading - Week of 5/11/20 - Mrs. Comes

CONGRATULATIONS to those of you that are caught up with ALL of your work and have it turned in!  This week is the last week of distance learning and once all of your assignments are finished and turned in, you will be DONE for the year and your summer will officially start!  WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!

Some of you still have assignments to finish and turn in but you have all of this week to work on them and turn them in by Friday, May 15th.  YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!

Be sure to say THANK YOU and give BIG HUGS to everyone that has helped you with your work during the last few weeks!

(Students with a failing grade after work has been turned in on 5/15 will be asked to come into school during the weeks of 5/18 and 5/26 at scheduled times.)

I am VERY proud of all of you!


*****Final writing activity of the year:  Spring Writing Portfolio Sample  - 

 'What I Like to do For Fun!' -     (*due by May 15th)

-The papers your 2nd grader will need for this activity are in the supplies picked up on Monday, May 4th .  

     1.  There is a 'planning' template or a rough draft your child needs to complete to help organize their ideas. (Examples of how we use this can be found in their writing journal.) Turn this in for credit with their final copy.

     2.  There is a paper for their final copy that has a spot for them to draw a picture to go with their story.  

**This is the same writing activity your child did in the fall.  We use these writing samples to show your child's progress comparing their writing from the beginning of the year to the end of the year. It is very important that your student take their time and do their best work. You can help them by talking about ideas but please do not help them with the writing itself, the spelling, grammar, capitalization or punctuation.  It doesn't matter whether they want to start with a picture or the story first.

*A photo can be submitted for credit but I will need the hard copy turned in with all other materials at the end of the year.



Option 1:  Read 3 stories and complete the questions online at Kids A-Z using this link:  http://www.kidsa-z.com


Option 2:  Choose ONE story to read from our book that we haven't read and complete 2 activities:

1.  Look Back and Write activity for the story you choose, page number provided below.

2.  AR test for the story you choose, quiz # provided below.

This is a list of stories from our book that we haven't read that you can choose from:

-The Quilt Story:  pgs. 16-30 - Look Back & Write pg.31/Quiz# 184006

-Life Cycle of a Pumpkin:  pgs. 46-59 - Look Back & Write pg.60/Quiz# 609927

-Just Like Josh Gibson:  pgs. 300-313 - Look Back & Write pg.314/Quiz# 75659

-Red, White and Blue: The Story of the American Flag:  pgs. 326-343 - Look Back & Write pg.344/Quiz# 51909

-A Birthday Basket for Tia:  pgs. 354-367 - Look Back & Write pg.368/Quiz# 16649

-Cowboys:  pgs. 380-401 - Look Back & Write pg.402/Quiz# 160103

-Jingle Dancer:  pgs. 412-425 - Look Back & Write pg.426/Quiz# 41520

Use this link to take an AR test: