Week of 5/4/20-3R

3rd Reading - Week of 5/4/20 - Mrs. Comes

**Everything you need for this week was picked up on 4/15. Below is a 'suggested schedule' for the week. 

You will continue reading Seven Treasure Hunts by:  Betsy Byars 

I've assigned a chapter each day with questions that go along with the chapter.  I am going to be very particular about your answers.  You need to answer each question using a complete sentence and correct capitalization and punctuation.  I've only assigned 1 chapter each day SO correct/complete answers, answers written in complete sentences, and correct capitalization/punctuation will ALL be part of the grade you receive on each chapter's questions.  TAKE YOUR TIME AND DO YOUR BEST WORK on this!  

Monday-  Read chapter 5 and answer the questions for chapter 5

Tuesday-  Read chapter 6 and answer the questions for chapter 6

Wednesday-  Read chapter 7 and answer the questions for chapter 7

Thursday-  Create a 'treasure hunt' of your own by writing clues or making a map.  

You will be graded on:

     1. detailed directions or clues (how easy it is to understand the directions for your hunt? 

         Could someone do it by themselves without having to ask you any questions?)

     2. number of steps or directions to follow, the difficulty of your hunt, did you really

         put some effort into being creative and tricky?

     3. neatness of your work 

Friday-  Use today to catch up on any missing or incomplete assignments. yes

Take AR quiz #24973  (Your AR login info. is on your red reading folder.)

Use this link to take an AR test:


***Please try to complete lesson on Lyrics 2 Learn http://www.lyrics2learn.com - out loud 3-5 (or more) times a week.  smiley