Week of 4/27/20-3R

3rd Reading - Week of 4/27/20 - Mrs. Comes

**Everything you need for the next two weeks was picked up on 4/15. Below is a 'suggested schedule' for the week.

You will be reading Seven Treasure Hunts by:  Betsy Byars 

I've assigned a chapter each day with questions that go along with the chapter.  I am going to be very particular about your answers.  You need to answer each question using a complete sentence and correct capitalization and punctuation.  I've only assigned 1 chapter each day SO correct/complete answers, answers written in complete sentences, and correct capitalization/punctuation will ALL be part of the grade you receive on each chapter's questions.  TAKE YOUR TIME AND DO YOUR BEST WORK on this!  

Monday-  Read chapter 1 and answer the questions for chapter 1

Tuesday-  Read chapter 2 and answer the questions for chapter 2

Wednesday-  Read chapter 3 and answer the questions for chapter 3

Thursday-  Read chapter 4 and answer the questions for chapter 4

Friday-  Use today to catch up on any missing or incomplete assignments. yes

***Please try to complete lesson on Lyrics 2 Learn http://www.lyrics2learn.com - out loud 3-5 (or more) times a week.  smiley