Week of 4/20/20-3R

Story:   My Family in America by: Susan Kuklin pgs. 174-189

Listen to the story using this link as you follow along in your book:   https://safeYouTube.net/w/X1c7 

(There will be some unfamiliar words in this story.  The way to pronounce each word is provided in small yellow boxes on each page, try your best, just like I did. smiley)

Suggested daily assignment schedule below.  Turn in completed work (pictures or paper) on or before Monday, 4/27, thank you in advance for all of your hard work!

(You can throw away pg.65 - Fact & Opinion and pg.66 - Compare & Contrast blush  We will not be using those this week.)

Monday-  Story vocabulary: Words on pg. 172,  'play' them, 'discuss' them and then 'use' them in a sentence of your own.  If you are unsure of what any of the words mean, please use the book's glossary to look them up.  (Can you send me a video of you 'playing' your words?) 

-Look up each word in the book's glossary and write them in your journal on your adj./noun/verb pg. in the correct column. 

-Complete vocabulary pg. 64

Tuesday-  Read pgs. 174-180

-Complete Definition Derby (on the back of voc. pg. 64)

Wednesday-  Read pgs. 181-185

-Complete #1-8 from the 'Scavenger Hunt' **Remember to answer in complete sentences and use capitals and periods correctly.

1. What do Sanu, Eric, and April have in common? (page 176) 

2. Where is Sanu’s family from?

3. Why did Sanu’s father move to America? 

4. Where is it custom to eat in Senegal? 

5. Where is Eric’s family from? 

6. What two languages does Eric’s family speak? 

7. If you come from a place where people speak Spanish, what are you called?   

Thursday-  Read pgs. 186-189 to finish the story

-Complete #9-15 from the 'Scavenger Hunt' **Remember to answer in complete sentences and use capitals and periods correctly.

8. Where is April’s family from?

9. What is April’s name in Chinese? 

10. What is the way April’s family speaks Chinese called? 

11. What is unusual about how words are made in Chinese? 

12. Where do they go on Saturday? 

13. What direction do you write in Chinese? 

14. What other special kind of writing do they learn in Chinese school? )

15. What game do they like to play at night? 

Friday- In your journal, write one fact and one opinion about Sanu, Eric and April.

Take AR quiz #11016  (Your AR login info. is on your red reading folder.)

Use this link to take an AR test:


-Try to complete one of the  'tangram' puzzles that I sent with the puzzle pieces or create a design of your own and send me a picture.  (April in our story calls this game 'Chi Chiao Bang.')