Week of 4/27/20-2M

2nd Math - Week of 4/27/20 - Mrs. Comes

This week continue with addition and subtraction, counting coins, telling time and 2 rows on your timing.

Have you played any math cards games or tried to solve a Tangram puzzle?  Let me know if you do!

**WAY TO GO IF you already completed ALL addition and subtraction pages.  If that's you, please write one addition and one subtraction problem of your choice in your math journal each day, solve them and send them to me!


  1. Counting coins - the front or back of one page (you can send pictures each day.)

  2. Addition - 4 problems* 

  3. Subtraction - 4 problems*

  4. Telling Time - 2 clocks*

  5. 1 Blank Clock - you choose the time, draw the hour and minute hands and write the time, no o’clocks :-), challenge yourself to do something trickier.*

  6. Timing - complete 2 rows of 10 problems.  You do not need to time yourself.*

*Please wait and send pictures of your addition, subtraction and telling time assignments at the end of 5 days,  after you’ve completed an entire page of each. 

You are all FANTASTIC math students and I miss you so very much!!!!!!!  Hope to see you all soon!

*****Two other activities that are available FOR FUN but not assignments: 

     1.  Card Games (to help with math skills): you need a deck of playing cards and a variety of games are available at:


     2.  Tangram Puzzles:  see bag and note included in materials that were picked up 4/15/20. More puzzles are available at:


***'Tangram Tuesday' - I'll send a challenge puzzle via ClassDojo on Tuesday.  See if you can solve it and send me a picture.