Week of 4/20/20-2M

2nd Math-Week of 2/20/20

The math packets picked up from school on 4/15 will have the daily assignments for the next several weeks.  Everyday the assignment will be to complete problems counting coins, problems adding and subtracting 3-digit numbers and problems telling time on analog clocks.  The format will be the same each day of the week.  I hope this format simplifies your time spent at home on math assignments because it is very important to practice these skills for your 2nd grader to demonstrate mastery and have a strong start to 3rd grade next year.  


  1. Counting coins-the front or back of one page (you can send pictures each day.)

  2. Addition - 4 problems* 

  3. Subtraction - 4 problems*

  4. Telling Time - 2 clocks*

  5. 1 Blank Clock - you choose the time, draw the hour and minute hands and write the time, no o’clocks :-), challenge yourself to do something trickier.*

  6. Timing - complete 2 rows of 10 problems.  You do not need to time yourself.*

*Please wait and send pictures of your addition, subtraction and telling time assignments at the end of 5 days,  after you’ve completed an entire page of each. 

You are all FANTASTIC math students and I miss you so very much!!!!!!!  Hope to see you all soon!


*****Two other activities that are available FOR FUN but not assignments: 

     1.  Card Games (to help with math skills): you need a deck of playing cards and a variety of games are available at:


     2.  Tangram Puzzles:  see bag and note included in materials that were picked up 4/15/20. More puzzles are available at:


***'Tangram Tuesday' - I'll send a challenge puzzle via ClassDojo on Tuesday.  See if you can solve it and send me a picture.