Week of 5/4/20-2R

2nd Reading - Week of 5/4/20 - Mrs. Comes

'Suggested daily assignment schedule' below.  Turn in completed work (pictures or paper) on or before Thursday, 5/15.  Thank you in advance for all of your help! 

*****Final writing activity of the year:  Spring Writing Portfolio Sample  -

 - What I Like to do For Fun!' -     (*due by May 15th)

-The papers your 2nd grader will need for this activity are in the supplies picked up on Monday, May 4th .  

     1.  There is a 'planning' template or a rough draft your child needs to complete to help organize their ideas. (Examples of how we use this can be found in their writing journal.) Turn this in for credit with their final copy.

     2.  There is a paper for their final copy that has a spot for them to draw a picture to go with their story.  

**This is the same writing activity your child did in the fall.  We use these writing samples to show your child's progress comparing their writing from the beginning of the year to the end of the year. It is very important that your student take their time and do their best work. You can help them by talking about ideas but please do not help them with the writing itself, the spelling, grammar, capitalization or punctuation.  It doesn't matter whether they want to start with a picture or the story first.

*A photo can be submitted for credit but I will need the hard copy turned in with all other materials at the end of the year.


READING CHOICE for this week:  

-Read The Signmaker's Assistant by: Tedd Arnold pgs. 268-283 and complete daily assignments


-Read/listen to 5 stories (1 each day?) and answer the questions online at Kids A-Z using this link:  http://www.kidsa-z.com

(Login information provided in material pick up on 4/15 and 5/4.)


Monday-  Story vocabulary: Using the words on pg. 266, have your child 'play' them, 'discuss' them and then 'use' them in a sentence of their own that they tell you. (If they are unsure of what any of the words mean, please have them use the book's glossary to look them up.  (Can you send me a video of you 'playing' your words?smiley

- Read Sigmund's Sign - pg. 267

- Complete vocabulary pg. 96 in the green-striped reading workbook

*OR...Complete a story and the quiz on www.kidsa-z.com
Tuesday-  -Read pgs. 268-273

- Complete phonics pg. 93 in the green-striped reading workbook

*OR...Complete a story and the quiz on www.kidsa-z.com

Wednesday-  Read pgs. 274-279

- Complete Realism and Fantasy pgs. 94 & 95 in the green-striped reading workbook

*OR...Complete a story and the quiz on www.kidsa-z.com

Thursday-   Read pgs. 280-283

- Complete vocabulary pg. 99 in the green-striped reading workbook

*OR...Complete a story and the quiz on www.kidsa-z.com

Friday-  Follow along in your book as you listen to the story using the following link:  https://safeYouTube.net/w/DkQA

-Take AR quiz #114985 (AR login info. is on your orange reading folder.)

Use this link to take an AR test:


- finish any incomplete work

*OR...Complete a story and the quiz on www.kidsa-z.com