Week of 4/27/20-2R

2nd Reading - Week of 4/27/20 - Mrs. Comes 

Story:   Bad Dog Dodger by: Barbara Abercrombie

Suggested daily assignment schedule below.  Turn in completed work (pictures or paper) by Monday, 5/4.  Thank you in advance for all of your help!

This week's writing activity:  Write about a time that a pet caused a problem or made a mess.  It can be something that really happened or something you make up. Be sure to include what happened, where it happened, who was there and how it was solved or fixed. (Draw a picture if you want.) 

Monday-  Story vocabulary: Using the words on pg. 210, have your child 'play' them, 'discuss' them and then 'use' them in a sentence of their own that they tell you. (If they are unsure of what any of the words mean, please have them use the book's glossary to look them up.  (Can you send me a video of you 'playing' your words?smiley

- Read Some Rabbit Tricks - pg. 211 

- Complete vocabulary pg. 76 in the green-striped reading workbook
Tuesday-  -Read pgs. 212-217

- Complete phonics pg. 73  in the green-striped reading workbook

Wednesday-  Read pgs. 218-221

- Complete Plot and Theme pgs. 74 & 75 in the green-striped reading workbook

Thursday-   Read pgs. 222-225

- Complete Sequence pg. 77 in the green-striped reading workbook

Friday-  Follow along in your book as you listen to the story using the following link:  https://safeYouTube.net/w/zjT8

-Take AR quiz #59553  (AR login info. is on your orange reading folder.)

Use this link to take an AR test:


- finish any incomplete work