Week of 3/23/20-3M

Materials for 3rd grade math will be available for pickup Monday, March 23rd at Highland Park between 9:00-11:00. 

1.  Topic 8 assignments for this week are in the materials to be picked up.  Please work on them throughout the week when it's convenient for your family.

2.  Log in to our online math book using the link below and take a look. Look at the different options:  'tools' are kind of fun and there are some games.   You have online assignments to do.  Please pay attention to the due dates.


3.  Please log onto SuccessMaker everyday and do one session (or more if time allows.) 


Other math resources:  Please be sure that your student spends equal amount of time on each if possible.





You can also take a look at the assignments on your homeroom teacher's web page and complete any of those if you choose.