Week of 4/6/20-3R

3rd Reading

Something new this week!  The assignments for Monday -Thursday are 4 articles from the website readworks.org.  Two of the articles were provided in the materials you picked up on 3/30 and the other two are only online.  If the school closure continues, it may be necessary to provide instruction completely online so I'm asking you to access at least 2 of the stories online.  You may complete 'Thunderstorms' and 'Chinchillas' on paper and 'Treasure Hunt' and 'Every Hour Counts' online OR all 4 online.  Please let me know if you have any difficulty accessing these assignments.  (If you do not have internet, let me know and I can take pictures of the 2 online stories and send them to you.  Then you can send me pictures of your answers.)

Here are the directions for getting to the online assignments:

1. Have students go to www.readworks.org/student

2. Enter class code: HAQ246

3. Choose student name from the class list

4. Your child's password is the same as their AR password;  first 2 initials of first name and first 2 initials of last name. (Ex: Julie Comes would be JuCo) Please feel free to reset the password after you are able to log in for the first time.

Read an article each day and complete the questions for each article.  I will be able to see your answers and progress from my teacher login page.

Monday-'Thunderstorms-Thunder, Lightning and Rain' (paper copy provided)

Tuesday-'Treasure Hunt' (online only)

Wednesday-'Chinchillas' (paper copy provided)

Thursday-'Every Hour Counts' (online only)