Week of 3/30/20-3R

Story:   Suki's Kimono   

Suggested daily assignment schedule below.  Turn in completed work (pictures or paper) on or before Monday, 4/6, thank you in advance for all of your help!

Monday-  Story vocabulary: Words on pg. 148, have your child 'play' them, 'discuss' them and then 'use' them in a sentence of their own that they tell you. (If they are unsure of what any of the words mean, please have them use the book's glossary to look them up.)  (Can you send me a video of you 'playing' your words?) 

-Look up each word in the book's glossary and write them in your journal on your adj./noun/verb pg. in the correct column 

-Read 'Pass It Down'- pg. 149

-Complete vocabulary pg. 54

Tuesday-  Read pgs. 150-155

-Write each vocabulary word in a sentence of your own to show the meaning.  Remember to use capitals and periods.

Wednesday-  Read pgs. 156-159

-Complete compare & contrast pg. 58

-Writing activity:  In your journal, write one fact and one opinion about Suki

Thursday-  Read pgs. 160-163 to finish the story

-Complete compare & contrast pg. 57

Friday-  Listen to the story using the following link:


-Reader Response pg. 164, complete question #2 and the Look Back & Write activity at the bottom of the page

-Take AR quiz #73378  (AR login info. is on your red reading folder.)

Use this link to take an AR test: