Week of 4/6/20-2R

2nd Reading

Story:   One Dark Night

Suggested daily assignment schedule below.  Turn in completed work (pictures or paper) by Wednesday, 4/15.  Thank you in advance for all of your help!

Monday-  Story vocabulary: Using the words on pg. 182, have your child 'play' them, 'discuss' them and then 'use' them in a sentence of their own that they tell you. (If they are unsure of what any of the words mean, please have them use the book's glossary to look them up.  (Can you send me a video of you 'playing' your words only IF you didn't last week?smiley

-Read Some Like It Stormy - pg. 183 

-Complete vocabulary pg. 66 in the green-striped reading workbook

Writing activity:  In your journal, complete the writing activity at the bottom of pg. 127 (use vocabulary words from pg. 183 IF you can but you don't have to.)  Tell me if you like thunderstorms, then tell me how they make you feel.  'Thunderstorms make me feel ___________ because __________________. 

Tuesday-  Complete phonics pg. 63  in the green-striped reading workbook

-Read pgs. 184-193

-Sequence pg. 64 in the green-striped reading workbook

-Writing activity:  Come up with your idea of what might happen in a story with the title 'One Dark Night.'  Write the BEGINNING, or how your story would start.  (You will be writing the middle and end in the next two days.)

Wednesday-  Read pgs. 194-200

-Complete Plot and Theme pg. 67 in the green-striped reading workbook

-Writing activity:  What happens next in your story?  Write the MIDDLE of your version of 'One Dark Night.'

Thursday-  Listen to the story using the following link:  One Dark Night

-Reader Response pg. 202, complete question #2 in your journal (or on a separate piece of paper.)

-Writing activity:  What happens last in your story?  Write the END of your version of 'One Dark Night.'

-Will you read and record your version of 'One Dark Night' and send it to me?wink

-Take AR quiz #43521  (AR login info. is on your orange reading folder.)

Use this link to take an AR test: