Week of 3/23/20-2R

Materials for 2nd grade reading will be available for pickup Monday, March 23rd at Highland Park between 9:00-11:00. 

Please have your 2nd grade student complete the activities throughout the week when it's convenient for your family.

1.  Read this week's story Horace and Morris but mostly Dolores  out of the book that was sent home with the other materials or you can use the link below.


2. Complete vocabulary worksheet pg.86

3. Complete author's purpose worksheet pg.85

4.  Journal:  please have your child write at least three times this week and include the date each time they write.  They can write about anything they choose, it can be about something they did, a letter to someone, a few jokes they think are funny or lists of their favorite things.  We do this during 'Work on Writing' at school so they are familiar with this.  Please talk to them about finger spacing, capitals and periods but don't worry about how they spell their words.  Remind them that they're 'building stamina.' wink

5. Lyrics 2 Learn is a site for online fluency practice.  Please have your child do lessons on this site as often as possible.


*Extra reading activity in folder- Read Naturally stories:  students read the story and complete the back.  (Students can have an adult or sibling help with COLD and HOT timings but the timings are not required.)

Other reading resources:

Getepic! is online books to read independently, read along with or have them read out loud.  There are also interesting videos but if your child goes to this site, please encourage the books! 


Freckle-ELA is online practice of various reading skills.