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Superintendent's Message

Superintendent's Message [1]

Welcome to the Lewistown Public Schools website and Lewistown Public Schools.

My name is Thom Peck and I feel extremely blessed to be the new Superintendent in Lewistown.  We have amazing students, a community that strongly believes in a quality education system, a dedicated School Board of Trustees, and a staff that is passionate about giving kids every opportunity to be their best.  This combination will create memorable experiences and prepare all students to meet their full potential.  I believe this is what every family could ever hope for their children. 

The most valuable asset in any community and school district are the people.  One thing for certain, Lewistown community members, the School District Students and Staff have continually shown that pride through their work ethic, financial support and compassion.  I believe through active participation, collaboration of ideas, suggestions and honest discussion from parents and the community we can continue to build on our historical academic excellence.  Being new to Lewistown, I value your feedback and I will give you many opportunities to help solve our challenges and shape our vision for the community and our school system.  We are all very fortunate to live in such a supportive town. 

As you browse our website, you will see a multitude of information and resources available to you.  If you have questions concerning any of this information, please feel free to contact my office. 

If you are a parent and have questions, concerns or suggestions about certain aspects of your child’s education or what is happening at the school, please do not hesitate to call or email your building principal or myself. 

I am so excited to begin the school year and we have so much to be proud of in our school district.  With a shared vision, continual collaboration and a commitment to give our kids every chance for success, we will attain new levels of student achievement – “Excellence Today, Success Tomorrow!”

Once again, welcome to Lewistown Public Schools!


Thom J. Peck, Superintendent

Lewistown Public Schools