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Library Media Centers

Our mission is to empower our students to become literate and responsible members of the 21st Century global society through the promotion of literacy and the ethical application of information retrieved through the problem solving process.

Library Media/Information Literacy Philosophy

Each school's Library Media Center is an integral part of every student's education. It is with the help of the Library Media Center that students will learn to love literature and become intellectually curious. In addition, students will develop skills to become ethical and effective consumers and producers of information and ideas through existing and emerging technologies.

The free acquisition and application of knowledge are fundamental to the development of the individual in a democratic society. Thus, the library will advocate for intellectual freedom at all times. An open environment in the library will encourage students and staff to come throughout the day to access information, exchange ideas and read for pleasure. Instructionally, the library media specialist and classroom teacher will collaborate to teach strategies for problem solving through gathering, organizing, synthesizing, presenting and citing information.

It is the mission of the Lewistown School District library media centers to ensure that all students are able to effectively use libraries to meet their information, research and recreational reading needs. A library program should also network with the resources of the larger community-both material and human-in order to also make these resources available to students and faculty.

LPS Library Media Staff

Misti Birdwell

Lewistown Junior High

Brenda Gruener

Highland Park Elementary, Garfield Elementary

Lora Poser-Brown

Lewistown Junior High, Lewis and Clark Elementary

Michelle Trafton

Fergus High School