School Board Agendas

There are several ways to access a specific School Board agenda that you may be looking for.  The most accessible links for an agenda can be found within the menus to the right and below of each Board Agenda webpage.  The most recent agendas are also found on the School Board Homepage using the Meetings menu item on the on the right side of that page.

If you need access to older Board meeting agenda's or minutes that are not available on our website, they are available in hard copy by contacting the Superintendent's Administrative Assistant at the Lincoln Administration Building, at 535-8777. 

In addition, please note that each agenda has the previous School Board Meeting Minutes within that individual agenda and the date code you see with them is in this format - YYMMDD.

Current School Year Agendas


Agenda--200121 SpAgenda


Agenda--191217 SpAgenda



Agenda--191107 SpAgenda

Agenda--191023 SpAgenda


Agenda--190918 SpAgenda


Agenda--190829 SpAgenda



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