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Core Values of Lewistown Public Schools

  1. High Standards - Lewistown Public Schools upholds high standards and expectations for the Board, staff and students of the District. We strive to provide challenging curriculum taught by innovative leaders in the field of education, utilizing research-based curriculum and implementing best practices.

  2. Student-Centered - The motivation for everything we do is based upon what is right and best for the children of our community. We ensure the development, well-being and education of students through a variety of academic and extracurricular activities. We assist students in overcoming challenges and help them celebrate their successes, all as part of a plan to maximize the potential of each student.

  3. Effective and Efficient Practices - Lewistown Public Schools is committed to effective and efficient stewardship of our resources. 

  4. Accountability - Lewistown Public Schools is accountable for all that we do from fiscal management to the performance of students, staff, administration and the Board. 

  5. Community Support - Lewistown Public Schools understands that community support is vital, earned and continually renewed through consistent dedication to quality service. We believe the key to success is found through mutual engagement of the community and the schools, effective interaction between parents, students, staff, administrators, trustees and all elements of the Lewistown Community. We value the trust the community has invested in our public schools and we strive to earn and maintain that trust.

  6. Communication - Lewistown Public Schools values effective and open communication with parents, students, staff, administration, the board of trustees and the community.