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Last Updated: 3/28/2022 5:10 PM

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We are very interested in having our parents be not only advocates for their child but full partners with he schools in the education of their children.  Our two page document, "Helpful Hints for Parents" is written to support parents in their work with our schools.

Listed below are some "hints" that might be helpful for parents, grandparents or guardians as we partner with you in your child's education. 


Completing Assignments

Homework is an independent task. Remember to take your child's age into consideration, but here are a few helpful thoughts to help promote success for your child.

  • Set aside a quiet work place for your child free of clutter and noise.
  • Practice working at a specified time each and every day.
  • Consistently check assignments for completion and accuracy daily.
  • Have your child start using a planner as early as possible, many of our schools provide them.
  • If your child requires too much assistance or takes too long to complete assignments on a regular basis, consult with their teacher about the problem.



Have regular, consistent communication with the school your child's teacher about homework and assignments.

  • Our schools offer a web-based system, Infinite Campus, to post assignments and grades.  Parents can sign up for our Parent Portal so that you have access to that information.Check with the school to see what type of communication is best to accomplish this goal.
  • Remember that your child's grade is their own grade! The child (age appropriate) should understand that their grade is a direct result of the amount of effort that the provide.
  • If your child puts forth a great amount of effort at home and is still performing poorly, ask the school to call a conference to better understand the issue.



If behavior is obstructing your child's education or causing difficulties at home, here are some steps you can take to assist with reducing problem behaviors.

  • Set up a household routine.
  • Define the rules of the house before implementing them.
  • Don't take the child's behavior personally, period.
  • Catch the child doing something positive instead of something wrong! We all want to be recognized for our efforts.
  • Don't go it alone! There are many resources that are available for parents that are experiencing behavioral problems with their child.  We were not born parents, and don't know all the answers about beling a parent.
  • If your child puts forth a great amount of effort and is still not performing appropriately, ask the school to call a conference to better understand the issue.

Student Supply Lists

In addition to the Supply Lists on the pages linked below is additional information specific to each school. The schools update them regularly throughout the year so parents are encouraged to check these "Digital Backpacks" which can be found on each schools page within the website. High school supply lists are provided by teachers after school starts.


Miscellaneous Forms

A parent, legal guardian, or legal custodian will need to fill out an enrollment forms for each household. All students living in that household who plan to attend Lewistown Schools should be listed. Our downloadable forms are listed here: