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We excited to partner with you on your child's education. The Lewistown Public Schools are some of the best in the state and consistently stand out when compared to the state and national levels. We are proud to offer a well-rounded curriculum, combined with an abundance of extracurricular offerings, provides a wealth of opportunities and experiences for youngsters as they make their first steps into the world.

Infinite Campus Web Address Has Changed

As of June 19th, 2014, the Lewistown Schools Inifinite Campus login pages have changed to a new address.

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Cyber Bullying

If you have been keeping up on the news you have probably heard frequent reports concerning student’s improper use of texting, email and instant messenger and popular sites like MySpace, Facebook, Instagram or Tweeter, to mention a few.

On Monday, February 9th, 2009 at the LJHS auditorium an educational meeting and discussion was led by Teresa Majerus, LJHS School Counselor to address concerns we have here at school with cyber bullying (text bullying, “sexting”, IM bullying). Assisting in the meeting were school resource officer, Rob Hartford, Mr. Feller FHS Principal, Ms. Renee Duffy from Verizon Wireless, and Pat Weichel District Technology Director.

Approximately 60 parents and community members attended the discussion and Mrs. Majerus' presentation.

Links from the Presentation:

Jerry Feller, FHS Principal (formerly our Junior High principal), noted that cell phone use at the Junior high is not allowed, and there are consequences, but there are also limits to what the school administration can do.

Rob Hartford pointed out privacy issues that with the law.

Renee Duffy noted the plans that are available from Verizon Wireless that help parents control their child's cell phone use. Other providers may have similar plans.Verizon's Usage Controls can be read about here:  https://wbillpay.verizonwireless.com/vzw/nos/uc/uc_home.jsp

Pat Weichel discussed web safety. The best technology to protect children on line is not fool proof. Parent supervision of the computer is best. The easiest low-tech solution to making sure you are there to supervise your child's usage is to take the modem with you when you leave, or lock it up in the house where only a guardian has access to hook it back up. Pat also provided the following list of other ideas and products that are designed to keep kids safe while they are on the internet:  Internet Safety Resources

District School Improvement Planning


Annually, in accordance with the Montana Board of Public Education, Lewistown Public Schools review and reprioritize our Comprehensive School Improvement Plan. Use the links below for more information:

Healthy School Breakfast Award


Three schools in the Lewistown School District are receiving statewide recognition for their exceptional school breakfast program through the Healthier Montana Menu Challenge Award Program. Garfield School, Highland Park School and Lewis and Clark School join five other Montana schools that have received this prestigious school breakfast award since 2008. Lewistown School District serves 200 breakfast meals and 800 lunches each day.

"We all know that students who don't eat a healthy breakfast struggle to stay focused on learning in the classroom," said Superintendent Denise Juneau. "Lewistown is setting an example for schools across the state by their commitment to serving healthy meals that provide students the energy they need to succeed."

Cindy Giese, School Food Service Director, and her staff work hard to prepare fresh, healthy meals daily. School breakfast includes fresh fruit, freshly baked bread items, lean proteins, low fat dairy foods and healthy cereal choices. Lewistown students have been enjoying whole grain foods for years thanks to the school food service staff's baking skills and willingness to try new recipes. Lewistown Schools place a high priority on offering breakfast to all students, elementary through high school, and have designed breakfast bars which allow students choices and quick service.

Lewistown School District successfully met a challenging set of menu criteria to qualify for the award. Under Giese's guidance, Lewistown's school meals program is a statewide leader and role model. Mrs. Giese serves as a Montana School Food Service Peer Trainer, providing assistance to new school cooks around the state and sharing her expertise at annual training events. Lewistown School supports local agriculture by purchasing locally grown foods as much as possible.

"We believe good nutrition and healthy meals enable our students to be more successful in the learning process of the school day. We think food because our kids can't think without it!" Giese said.

According to School District Superintendent, Jason Butcher, school breakfast and lunch meals provide a significant contribution to the health and well-being of the student population. "The Lewistown Public Schools food service staff does an excellent job of providing healthy and nutritious meals for our students. Cindy Giese and the food service staff are very deserving of this award and should be proud of the service that they provide for our school district," Butcher states.

Lewistown School District will receive a $500.00 monetary award. Each school will receive an award certificate and banner.

For more information about the Healthier Montana Menu Challenge, please visit this link from OPI's School Nutrition website

Lewistown School District will celebrate the Healthy Breakfast Awards this fall. Parents, students, and community members are invited to participate! Stay tuned for more information.



Adopt  A Cop


Dear Parents or Guardians:

The Lewistown School District and the Lewistown Police Department are working together to ensure the safety of our students and staff. As you may be aware, a School Resource Officer, Justin Jenness, currently works in our buildings educating our students and staff on many issues and topics that include safety.

In an effort to enhance the School Resource Officer position and to build a relationship between our students and the Lewistown Police Department, we are implementing an "Adopt a Cop" program. Two Lewistown police officers will be assigned to each of our five schools. These officers will stop by the schools weekly to join the students for lunch, recess, assemblies or other school activities. The goal is to develop a positive relationship and create an open dialogue between the students and police officers.

We are excited about the partnership and opportunity to build meaningful relationships. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the building principal at your child's school, Jason Butcher, Superintendent of the Lewistown Public Schools, or Officer Cory Birdwell, Chief of Police for the Lewistown Police Department.


Jason A. Butcher, Superintendent

Cory Birdwell, Chief of Police

RtI Guide for Parents

RtI is a form of teaching in which students response to instruction is measured  and; if necessary, changes to the instruction are made to ensure that each student is mastering the skills necessary for academic success.

Find a complete guide for parents at the link below